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Wind is the enemy

windistheenemy.gifWind is the enemy was the project in which I created a huge body of images that I eventually wanted to "print" out with paint. I tried for an image a day, and while I never quite reached that point the output over two years was quite large.

The interface is linear, one image leads to the next, as simple as possible.
The last image was a birthday gift to my brother.

Starting at that point though is probably misleading as the last 6 months were far more abstract, and with less text than the previous year and a half.
All images were released to the public domain. That is also a good place to start looking at the middle period.

Later I made a couple attempts to revive the project, but never was able to return to the daily practice of production. There are some nice images from those attempts though.

The core of the original run of Wind is the enemy was a human algorithm design to fascilate the creation of an image a day.
1- all images where the same size 1024x768
2- all were .gifs
3- all used the same font (Warehouse) and font size (61)
4- a maximum of 20 minutes was allowed to produce each image

The project started in July 2001. It was originally concieved as a design project. The world of web design was then in a "pixel perfect" stage and often devoid of real content and political thought. The goal with Wind is the enemy was to produce raw, strong and intense imagery, with a focus on meaning not perfection. 9/11 changed a lot of this, and the project evolved many times from there.

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