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Turning myself into a robot (syringe painting test results)

dropcloseup.jpgdroptest.jpgThis is me applying one of the last test drops of paint with a syringe. I had hoped to test out an entire 40x40 grid, but turning yourself into a robot turns out to be rather painful. It took a couple hours to get this far and man did my arm hurt!

The results were pretty much what I hoped for. The syringe gives enough control over the drop size that it can retain the basic gridded images, yet loses enough control to mix, blend and splatter in ways that pixels can not dream of doing. I can't wait to hand the task of actually applying the pixel drops off to a machine...

The bubbles in the gray paint by the way are a result of a common syringe issue, with a little experience we learned that you need to knock the syringe a few times to get the bubbles out inside, which prevents them from coming out in the paint as well.

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