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How do you get an image off the computer screen?

painthead-frombelow.jpgHow do you get an image off a computer screen? It is a question I have been grappling with for the past few years.

If the computer is your creative medium, particularly if you are creating still imagery on the screen, how do you display your work? Obviously one method is to make the computer and the internet your gallery. The reverse also works, you can display a computer screen, or projection in a gallery. I have done both and there are certainly great things you can do with those options. You can also print out the work on a commercial printer, an Epson or an Iris, or whatever you have at home. I have done that too, and again it certainly can produce great results, albeit at ones that can quickly get expensive. All these main options though share two characteristics key characteristics, the images are remarkably flat, and close to weightless.

I am interested in using computers as a composition tool for creating art that has something of the richness, weight and tangibility of a classical oil painting. Personally I want to "print" my imagery using enamel paint, but I believe there are as many creative possibilities for printing digital imagery as there are digital artists. In order to reach those possibilities though it is necessary to look for a whole way at getting images off a computer. Essentially the task involved is the creation of a custom "art printer" or at least a printing process of some sort. This site documents my process as I attempt to both build a "paint jet printer" and build the resources to make it easier for others to do so as well.


Wow what a facinating idea? Have you pursued this further?

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